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"Perhaps Jung's most compelling contribution is the idea of individuation, that is the lifelong project of becoming more nearly the whole person we were meant to be-what the god's intended, not the parents, or the tribe, or, especially, the easily intimidated of the inflated ego. While revering the mystery of others, our individuation summons each of us to stand in the presence of our own mystery and become more fully responsible for who we are in this journey we call our life."

Brene Brown



Embrace Life’s Challenges

Feeling lost, lonely, or frustrated with where your life is at?


Let's talk about it.


We are all seeking love and belonging. Sometimes looking within for those things can be the most difficult of all. 

Building and strengthening your relationship with yourself is your best investment.




The first step is always the hardest.

Reaching out and asking for help while in crisis can feel impossibly difficult. We have tried to make it as easy as possible here at Eidens Therapy Group; come broken, come in crisis, come a mess- we will meet you where you are.

Our scheduling system is online 24/7, allowing you to seek help anytime that works for you. We utilize Simple Practice for our scheduling and billing.


Meet us. Share your story as much or as little as you would like during the initial session. Feel out your clinician- if it feels right, GREAT! If not, we will help you find a therapist that fits you.


Each person's treatment plan will look different. Generally, after the initial intake meeting, you and your clinician will discuss an outline of proposed treatment strategies carefully curated to your situation. Treatment frequency, strategies, and goals will be discussed and agreed upon so you feel like an active participant in your therapy journey.

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